The lovers of justice are many

We love justice selfishly and dishonestly. We do not see the harm and suffering we create in the lives of others, but we want people to accept the personal investigation of ourselves, group, favorite teacher, or friend. Of course, they are innocent. If we call others before independent investigation, where witnesses are examined and evidence is verified-why do we struggle facing independent investigation and ask those we love to do so as well?

Ramadan Mubarak or Blessed Ramadan

By Fadwa Wazwaz, Engage Minnesota “O Allah, make faith beloved to us and beautify it in our hearts, and make unbelief, wickedness, and disobedience hateful to us, and make us among the rightly-guided. O Allah, let us pass away as Muslims, live as Muslims, and let us be joined with the righteous.” Prophet Muhammad, upon him peace and blessings.   I updated the attached blog of previous years. I hope to comment on Ramadan in this blog for the coming year. I have a few posts to help us prepare for this month on Engage Minnesota, FaceBook. I updated the blog with Read More …