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But we think that we can by no means frustrate Allah throughout the earth, nor can we frustrate Him by flight.

(Quran 72:12)

The importance of requesting evidence cannot be understated, as it gives us a better understanding of our surroundings and ourselves. While some used science to dismiss religion and the concept of God, it is essential to remember that science was not created to belittle anyone’s beliefs but rather to educate us on the importance of evidence and proofs behind our claims.

We used science to understand the workings of the world. Through scientific inquiry, we have made incredible discoveries, from the tiniest particles in the universe to the vastness of space. What is vital to understand is that science has taught us the significance of evidence and proof to support our claims and how much disinformation we believe in without evidence and proof. Instead of learning and applying these lessons to our next life, we resort to claims without evidence and proof.

Regardless of whether one believes in God or not, it is crucial to approach matters of the afterlife with the same level of scrutiny as we do for temporal issues. We can draw upon various sources of knowledge, including revelation, to reflect on these realities with investigation, evidence, and proofs. By combining different sources of knowledge, we can better understand ourselves, the world around us, and the afterlife. In doing so, we make decisions that bring us true freedom, not the illusion of freedom.

Say: “Produce an evidence for what you are claiming, if what you say is true!”

Fadwa Wazwaz | Fəd-wə Wəz-wəz is a Palestinian-American born in Jerusalem, Palestine and raised in the US. Currently, she lives in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. She is an author of God Intervenes Between A Person And Their Heart and Love Is Deeper Than Words: Key Lessons From The Prophets.
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