Inspired and Nurtured by Fadwa Wazwaz

“Lead from the back — and let others believe they are in front” 

Nelson Mandela

Ustadha Fadwa Wazwaz is known for her gift of inspiring people to think critically with her reflections on faith. She is a Computer Science graduate and nearly completed her Masters in Computer Science specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

As a skilled critical thinker, her faith reflections speak to the hearts and are felt by scholars, students, and institutes worldwide. While juggling her graduate work, she has used her time in Minnesota to help build and strengthen the United States’ Muslim communities and those communities’ ties to other marginalized groups. She co-founded an educational outreach organization through which she gave talks to local groups, dispelling negative stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. She has also been trained in Restorative Justice at the Center for Spirituality and Healing and has given workshops to social workers on how to work effectively with youth and Muslim patients.

In 2003, she was a community columnist for the Pioneer Press. In 2006, she helped start up a civil rights organization through which she mentored young leaders. From 2008 to 2009, she was a policy fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, and, in 2009, she started as a blogger for the Star Tribune and worked on helping Minnesotans understand Islam and Muslims. Also, in 2009, she and her siblings began a new journey, taking care of their mother, who had suffered a major stroke.

In 2015, she formally began work on the books God Intervenes Between A Person And Their Heart and the forthcoming Love Is Deeper Than Words, bringing together writings from over the past twenty years. Wazwaz is a social commentator on issues that affect Muslim communities, Palestinian affairs, faith and values, coexistence, and ethics. She currently blogs at

Many, highly sought-after international speakers, have claimed her ideas and reflections as their own without any attribution such as the author Yasmin Mogahed, of Reclaim Your Heart: Personal Insights on Breaking Free From Life’s Shackles and Healing the Emptiness. Omar Suleiman, of Allah Loves, Jinan Yousef, Reflecting on the Names of Allah, and Roohi Tahir, in the article, Gratitude, Modernity and the Need for God in the Equation, including Yasir Qadhi in various sermons such as The Art of Being a Gentleman: Lessons from the Story of Musa.

Her ability to bring forth the beautiful arguments of the Creator in the Quran is a remedy for those seeking comfort and solace today. Although, she does not have many shares, likes, or retweets, she has the honour of being first female instructor of many Institutes across the world, most notably, Yaqeen Institute. Her ideas and themes are grabbed by many scholars and speakers who can best be described as having no original ideas of their own. Her themes and writings generate talks in seminars, content for articles and videos, and conventions.

This page will overtime show case the teachers, institutes, books and articles that were inspired by her writings throughout the years.

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