KFAI airs ‘Meeting Minnesota Muslims’

KFAI FM and the University of Minnesota’s Institute for Global Studies are presenting a special series of stories on Muslims in Minnesota. The stories aim to illuminate the lives of Minnesota’s Muslims and provide listeners greater understanding of the state’s wide variety of Muslim residents. The installments include Faith in Hip Hop, One Strike And You’re Out, Wearing Faith On Their Sleeves, Empowered Muslim Women, In Search of the Minnesota Muslim, Muslim Immigrants Learn English, Music and Sufi Islam in the Twin Cities, and Muslim Burial Traditions.

Faith in Hip Hop

Minnesota Muslim rap artists connect with their religion and the original roots of Hip Hop as the voice of a population pushed to the fringe of mainstream culture. Reporter Ramla Bile goes behind the pounding rhythms to find rappers who see a higher purpose for their art.

One Strike And You’re Out – Facing the Criminal Justice System
Streetwise immigrants know that a felony conviction could put their immigration status in jeopardy. But under current immigration laws even a minor crime could get a non-citizen immigrant deported. That’s what some young Somali immigrants are learning – after it’s too late. Joel Grostephan finds immigrants struggling to make sense of the court system – with little help from their lawyers.

Wearing Faith On Their Sleeves
Every sports team, radio station, band and cause has its own T-shirt. So why not create a series of T-shirts that celebrate Islam? One Minneapolis company is doing just that, designing fashionable T-shirts on a wide range of Muslim topics. The name of the company: Muslim Tees. Todd Melby takes listeners behind-the-scenes at a company photo shoot and design meeting.

Empowered Muslim Women
What does it mean to be a feminist? What does it mean to be a Muslim woman in Minnesota? Reporter Emily Dussault introduces two local Muslim woman and gives an inside look at their challenges and experiences.

In Search of the Minnesota Muslim
Muslims come from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds. Reporter Ahmed Naumaan asks a few people what their faith means to their daily lives and whether they are different from other Minnesotans. Their serious statements intermixed with spontaneous humorous remarks and an uncommon twist or two, paint a richly textured picture of Muslim life in Minnesota.

Muslim Immigrants Learn English
Many Muslims are newly arrived immigrants, and acquiring English language skills is a major aspect in gaining acceptance from the broader community. Reporter Sarah Boden explores the frustrations and accomplishments of this timeless experience to get a better understanding of what immigrants are going through.

Music and Sufi Islam in the Twin Cities
Sufism is an ancient religious philosophy which, despite criticism from some modern orthodox Muslims, maintains a strong tie to its Islamic origins. Stephen Manuszak explores the Sufi tradition, its expression in Minnesota, and one key feature of its practice: music.

Muslim Burial Traditions
Minnesota’s Muslim population has expanded by roughly 20,000 people in the past three decades, which has forced the community to create a unique infrastructure in order to fulfill particular religious obligations related to death. Reporter Sarah Boden talks to individuals in the Twin Cities Muslim community about Islam, death, and what steps family and friends take when a loved one passes on.

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