Yasmin Mogahed’s plagiarism problem

By Fadwa Wazwaz, Engage Minnesota   I have been writing posts, tweets, and sharing my ideas via blogs for many years now. I spend considerable time reading, reviewing, and reflecting on my ideas before sharing them. As soon as I start to share them, I find them in memes or videos claimed by Yasmin Mogahed, Omar Suleiman, and others. You can overlook an occasional plagiarism; however, some of them built their name based on every post, and blog I have written to suddenly be rewritten in her words. I am planning on creating a page to highlight some of their behaviors. Eventually, Read More …

Ghuroor, Muslim Women, and Shutting Down Grief

Will Muslims be welcomed as fellow human beings and allowed to grieve alongside their Christian brothers and sisters in humanity this horrible tragedy? Or will we be treated as outsiders? It is critically important that we all nurture each other during times of mass public loss, and that we grieve not as those who belong to different religions or nationalities, but together as fellow human beings.