My dream candidate

By Hani Hamdan, Engage Minnesota Like everything else in life, another election has come and passed. It’s funny how, on Wednesday morning after it was all done, a sense of calm enveloped everything. I love my neighborhood for the fact that I hardly see any yard signs at all no matter how heated the elections get, which means that my neighbors are either that apathetic or that intelligent – I will choose the latter. But even the passion of the most passionate advocates on both sides seemed to wither away in the cool winds of the Minnesota fall. Although I Read More …

Unrest in Jordan has its roots in an economic divide

By Hani Hamdan, Engage Minnesota The civil unrest in the country of Jordan is the result of complicated local and international circumstances. Blame gets thrown in all directions among the public, the royal family, successive governments, business tycoons and influential tribes. In my limited view, no one is free of guilt except perhaps the impoverished working class. One reason for the unrest would be familiar to Americans in this election season: specifically, the debate about how much government regulation is necessary to ensure fair worker wages and benefits. Read the rest of Hani’s piece here.