Ask for His Shade

I began this Ramadan with a review of the seven under the Shade of Allah. As I began the month, I would like to end it with a reflection to myself and a supplication to God. I raised the question in the beginning of Ramadan and I would like to raise the same question again: “O Mankind! What seduced you from your Most Generous Lord,who has created thee, and formed thee in accordance with what thou art meant to be, and shaped thy nature in just proportions?” Quran 82:6-7 Sometimes it is helpful to have a question to the self Read More …

Between egoism and conformity | who loves who, today?

“Love who you want, Hate who you want, do not oppress anyone.”

You will not be asked about the result, you will only be asked about the effort

man sitting on edge facing sunset

“So for the true believer the point is always God; success and failure, happiness and sadness are means not cause for depression or giving up, nor self-righteousness and egoism. One either achieves piety or dies trying; either way one is in the grace of God, Most High. That is what life and Religion are about. That is Tawhid in practice.”
–Shaykh Qays Arthur