George Floyd

by Fedwa Wazwaz “Please, I can’t breathe.” -George Floyd Ramadan doesn’t turn any of us into angels nor make problems go away. We still need to face them and try our best to act on the lessons we learned during Ramadan. During the month of Ramadan, we reflected much on justice and how God loves justice. Indeed, we all love justice, fairness, and being heard—except when we are the oppressor. Then it is hard for us to recognize when we have violated the boundaries of others, especially if we are blessed with privilege and power. We look for ways to Read More …

Ghuroor, Muslim Women, and Shutting Down Grief

Will Muslims be welcomed as fellow human beings and allowed to grieve alongside their Christian brothers and sisters in humanity this horrible tragedy? Or will we be treated as outsiders? It is critically important that we all nurture each other during times of mass public loss, and that we grieve not as those who belong to different religions or nationalities, but together as fellow human beings.