Syria: We Stand By You

By Fedwa Wazwaz, Engage Minnesota

There are crimes against humanity taking place in Syria. Some blame the Syrian regime. Others blame the “anti-Assad propaganda.”

The conversation begins: who started it or who’s the lesser evil and in the chaos of blame and destruction, many innocents are killed, many drowned fleeing for refuge and many have become refugees.  Others are trapped in Syria watching like spectators the country fall apart.

What is our role in this bloodbath and what can we do to end the war?

As a Muslim, we begin resolving every matter with prayers of repentance and seeking guidance and help from God.

Please take the following with a grain of salt, definitely not a scholarly or political expert analysis.

  1. Given the length of the war and the human cost – I appeal for us to call for a Hudna or cessation of violence.
  2. Bring awareness to the situation.
  3. Elect a leader for the rebellion that represents the people of Syria.  Not a charismatic figure, but someone with wisdom and understanding, who is interested in the people of Syria, than in bringing Assad down.
  4. Submit a request for the Syrian opposition to join the International Criminal Court.  Violations and crimes against humanity need to be called out on all sides.
  5. End the mocking, ridicule and anything that adds fuel to the fire. As much as you can – do your part to promote calm to assist the refugees and those impacted by war.  In listening to lessons from the Qur’an by Imam Al Sharaawy – he explained that cursing an evil person only empowers him to do more evil.  Is this what we want?  Remember the man who killed 99 people and how the intelligent scholar helped him end his killing spree.
  6. We need to come up with a face-saving solution for Assad and his regime to step down.  If you send a message of no hope to Assad, he will have every reason to fight to the very end.

We need to flood the Russian Embassy with calls.

Protest in St Louis Park tomorrow at 4:45.  Message CISPOS for details.

CISPOS: Committee in Solidarity with the People of Syria


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