Organisation of The Islamic Conference condemns the killing of UN Staff members during protests in Mazar-i- Sharif

“The Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference Prof Dr. Ihsanoglu today joined the international community in condemning the loss of innocent lives during protests in Mazar-i- Sharif (Afghanistan) against the burning of the Holy Quran in the US last month. The Secretary General expressed particular condemnation at the killing of UN Staff Members during the incident. He emphasized the importance of ensuring security for the staff and personnel of International Organizations who put their lives at risk in implementing the mandates entrusted by the International community in the interest of global peace, security and stability. In a letter addressed to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, Professor Ihsanoglu extended condolences to the bereaved families of the UN Staff killed in the incident.

Recalling his warning against unforeseen and volatile consequences of the outrageous and irresponsible act of burning the Holy Quran, Prof. Ihsanoglu reiterated OIC’s position on a normative approach to deal with the acts of discrimination and incitement to violence on religious grounds – through concerted efforts by the international community- with a view to avoiding recurrence of incidents caused by inflamed religious sentiments.”

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