March In Solidarity with the People of Palestine.

Coalition for Palestinian Rights, Engage Minnesota

On September 1, the Republican Party will be in St. Paul, Minnesota for the Republican National Convention (RNC). More than 45,000 people, including 15,000 media employees, are expected to attend the 2008 convention.

The Coalition for Palestinian Rights, a Minnesota-based group of organizations and activists will plan to march on the 2008 RNC in solidarity with the people of Palestine and deliver a new message to Palestinians and to America.

To Palestinians: “We Stand By You.”

“You, you’re not aware
That we’re aware
Of your despair
Don’t show your tears
To your oppressor
Don’t show your tears

Try not to cry little one
You’re not alone
I’ll stand by you
Try not to cry little one
My heart is your stone
I’ll throw with you ”

To Americans:  “Look Into My Eyes.”

“See I’ve known terror for quite some time
57 years so cruel
Terror breathes the air I breathe
It’s the checkpoint on my way to school
Terror is the robbery of my land
And the torture of my mother
The imprisonment of my innocent father
The bullet in my baby brother
The bulldozers and the tanks
The gases and the guns
The bombs that fall outside my door
All due to your funds
You blame me for defending myself
Against the ways of my enemies
I’m terrorized in my own land (what)
And I’m the terrorist?”

The march will congregate at the state capital.  We ask people to join us and bring their Palestinian flags and meet us at the state capital.

The Coalition for Palestinian Rights

Note: “It shall be unlawful for any person participating… to carry or possess any length of metal, lumber, wood, or similar material for purposes of displaying a sign, poster, plaque or notice, unless such object is one-fourth (1/4) inch or less in thickness and two (2) inches or less in width, or if not generally rectangular in shape,such object shall not exceed three-fourths (3/4) inch in its thickest dimension.)

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