RNC Raids and Arrests Shake the Twin Cities

By Ramla Bile, Engage Minnesota Arrests continue Monday afternoon after a wave of pre-RNC raids shook the Twin Cities this past weekend. There are confirmed accounts of pepper spray related injuries, as well as the deployment of rubber bullets and tear gas on demonstrators. For updates, please visit Twin Cities Indymedia. Thousands of protesters are in St. Paul this afternoon, perhaps embolden after the reckless raids this weekend. The highly militarized pre-RNC effort to intimidate activists and deter dissenters has failed.

Newsflash, Tina Fey: Muslim is the New Black!

By Ramla Bile, Engage Minnesota The mudslinging has reached the level of flagrant Islamophobia. In the past few months, I have seen my faith reduced to a smear tactic. I witnessed political pundits attempt to capitalize on the public’s misconceptions about Islam and Muslims to delegitimize another candidate. The RNC and McCain repeatedly apologized over some “disparaging remarks” made by their supporters, primarily regarding the usage of the name Hussein, Obama’s middle name. An analyst on MSNBC’s “Hardball” even said, “Unfortunately, his middle name is Hussein,” as if there is something inherently tragic or wrong with having a Semitic name. Read More …