Yasmin Mogahed’s plagiarism problem

By Fadwa Wazwaz, Engage Minnesota “If you think you can slander a woman into loving you, or a man into voting for you, try it till you are satisfied.” Abraham Lincoln(Feb 12, 1809 to Apr 15, 1865) I have been writing posts, tweets, and sharing my ideas via blogs for many years now. I spend considerable time reading, reviewing, and reflecting on my ideas before sharing them. As soon as I start to share them, I find them in memes or videos claimed by Yasmin Mogahed, Omar Suleiman, and others. You can overlook an occasional plagiarism; however, some of them built their Read More …

The Resolute Prophets and Dealing with Rejection

The voice of hope, like the voice of faith, continues to invite and engage. This is very different from the voice of manipulation that takes advantage of those rejected by society. We may be rejected, but faith should help us deal with this rejection not with anger, but with hope, wisdom, and persistent engagement.