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Minnesotans and Iraqis Work Together for Reconciliation

By Luke Wilcox Iraq can seem far from Minnesota, both geographically and culturally. While nearly six years of military operations in Iraq have brought images of war and its consequences into American homes, the culture and people of Iraq have rarely followed. Many Americans support peace with Iraq, but know little about Iraqis and wonder

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Peaceful Tomorrows Statement on the 7th Anniversary of 9/11

“…we never wanted wars of retaliation that would cause the deaths of innocent civilians in other nations.” By September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows Peaceful Tomorrows Statement on the 7th Anniversary of 9/11. Letter via Email The experience of yet another anniversary of 9/11 provides an occasion to reflect upon the hopes and beliefs that

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Ready for real change?

By Elias Karmi According to a survey published recently by the Washington Post and ABC, 60 percent of all Americans strongly want the country to change direction. This comes naturally due to public perception of the evident challenges we are going through as being unnecessary, avoidable, or poorly executed – most notably the war in

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