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Owning Our Racial Bias: A Multicultural Interfaith Dialogue Seeking Reconciliation and Healing

Minnesota Muslims are finding themselves voiceless, discussed, defined, categorized, psychoanalyzed, talked at and talked about without a serious attempt at inclusion.

Muslims, and friends of Muslims, would like to change this climate.

Acts of Faith: Breaking the barriers that divide us

By Zainab Ahmad The evening of Wednesday, the 5th of November, was a great time to be in the United Methodist Church at Grove Street in downtown Minneapolis. Dr. Eboo Patel spoke to at an event arranged by many organizations such as the St. Paul Area Council of Churches, Blake School Diversity Symposium, CAIR Minnesota

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Taking Heart: Visit a Mosque, Share a Meal

By Marcia Lynx Qualey, Engage Minnesota From a Taking Heart picnic, summer 2007. Gail Anderson isn’t asking you to make a new best friend. “I think if next Wednesday night, we get a number of Christians to walk into a mosque— that’ve never been in a mosque before—then I think we’ve done something,” said Anderson,

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