Healthy Remorse versus Shame

I have been writing on shame and guilt for quite some time. Some of these writings are on Engage Minnesota blog or social media sites. In reading the Quran, I started to reflect on the importance of healthy remorse in healing oneself and in our perception of truth and reality.

I use the Zionist movement as as example and the story of Moses, upon him peace.

Like Muslims, Jews in history were persecuted and were persecutors. This video is not generalizing the behavior or actions of all Jews, but the Zionist movement, which to me is not different than the ISIS movement that came about where Muslims were called to condemn their crimes in the name of their faith.

It is time for Jews, globally to take a stand and disassociate from the Zionist movement, condemn the ethnic cleansing in the name of Judaism, and repair the harm done to the Arabs over the years.

This is an excerpt from a forthcoming book, currently titled Love Is Deeper Than Words: Key Lessons from the Prophets.

Fadwa Wazwaz

Fadwa Wazwaz

| Fəd-wə Wəz-wəz is a Palestinian-American born in Jerusalem, Palestine and raised in the US. Currently, she lives in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. She is an author of God Intervenes Between A Person And Their Heart: Key Lessons From The Prophets. Follow on Social Media

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