Eid Mubarak or Blessed Return

We begin the day by returning to God and acknowledging His Greatness and Might over all.

Return to connecting with God, and once we connect with God, we will connect with people, and once we connect with people we will connect with our family because charity begins at home. And once we connect with our family, we will be able to connect with ourselves…We should connect, and reconnect and reconnect every year with the essence of our deen(faith).

Shaykh Ahmed Saad

I like the message this teacher shared on the meanings of Eid. Do listen to the short commentary and share.

“My Lord is near, ready to answer.”

(Quran 11:61)

May God, Mighty and Majestic accept all of our good deeds and efforts during the month of Ramadan. May God grant us His enabling grace to take the lessons and reflections with us throughout our lives so that we may benefit and receive benefit. May God increase us to be more conscious of Him and grateful for all the blessings that are too numerous to count. May we reach another Ramadan.

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Fadwa Wazwaz | \ Fəd-wə Wəz-wəz\ is a Palestinian-American born in Jerusalem, Palestine and raised in the US. Currently, she lives in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. She is an author of God Intervenes Between A Person And Their Heart: Key Lessons From The Prophets. 

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