Eid Mubarak or Blessed Return!

by Fedwa Wazwaz

“My Lord is near, ready to answer.” (11:61)



Hopefully, Ramadan has strengthened our faith to turn and keep returning back to our Lord, as a bird flies in the sky.

May God, Mighty and Majestic accept all of our good deeds and efforts during the month of Ramadan. May God grant us His enabling grace to take the lessons and reflections with us throughout our lives so that we may benefit and receive benefit.

May God increase us to be more conscious of Him and grateful for all the blessings that are too numerous to count.

May we reach another Ramadan.




Photo by Frank Cone on Pexels.com

As the last day of Ramadan draws to an end, we pray that the new chapter will be promising and open doors of closeness to God.

I always felt that looking and watching birds helps to increase one’s faith, given the verse in the 67th chapter of the Quran, al Mulk or the Dominion.

Do they not observe the birds above them, spreading their wings and folding them in? None can uphold them except (Allah) Most Gracious: Truly (Allah) Most Gracious: Truly it is He that watches over all things. (Quran 67:19)

The day ends with Takbir or remembering God’s greatness. I attached a Youtube video which has a nice translation.


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