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Muslims, Too Often Voiceless in America, Possess the Solution

By Rawan Hamade, Engage Minnesota

Rawan HamadeTwo years ago, I sat nervously in one of my professor’s offices. He asked a very simple question that changed my thinking completely: “Are you Muslim?”

I had expected the scarf on my head to identify me as Muslim, even though there are many other religions around the world that use the same clothing. In the days and months that followed, I came to realize that even if it was obvious that I was a Muslim, the way I looked would not serve to bring my identity forth unless it was accompanied by a voice. My scarf could not speak for me.
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1,400-year-old advice still valuable for modern parents

Islam’s advice on raising minds, not just bodies

By Rawan Hamade

Rawan HamadeEvolution versus creation may be subject to debate in our world today, but there is no doubt that our understanding of certain institutions evolves with time. Our concept of family is just one example. I am not about to tell you that, back in the day, the family was what it ought to be and now divorce rates are increasing a hundredfold. That may be true, but only on the surface.

Many sociologists tell us that marriage may have seemed holy long ago, but in fact family ties weren’t all that great.
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The real beauty of Ramadan

Conquering the beasts of time and desire

By Rawan Hamade

Rawan HamadeMany non-Muslims are interested in knowing why we fast during Ramadan and how it helps us try to improve ourselves. Unfortunately, many receive shallow answers that may not reach the underlying point. Some non-Muslims are hurriedly told that we fast merely to sympathize with the poor, which is absolutely true, but that does not define the limit of this month’s beauty. Ramadan is a blessed time for Muslims in which they should carry out one of the most important functions of a human: learning.

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