We need to take a long hard look at interest

By Hani Hamdan, Engage Minnesota With the Occupy Wall Street movement gaining momentum and showing some promise of reform, there is a need to identify the issues that need fixing within our financial system. The phenomena that OWS protesters are decrying, such as the growing socioeconomic inequality, are not simply an act of wealthy bankers. They are a result of these wealthy bankers’ utilizing existing flaws in our system to their benefit. These flaws are what really needs to be addressed.

‘Raw capitalism is dead’–and Muslims have a solution

By Elias Karmi, Engage Minnesota It was just a few weeks ago that U.S. treasury secretary Henry Paulson declared raw capitalism’s death. And if I might add: Thank God someone realizes the futility of our current financial system. Two problems here: 1) it may be too late, and 2) even if we recover, the true solution may never be practiced. It is challenging for someone who grew up surrounded by our current financial system to be able to feel what is fundamentally wrong with it. To illustrate, let me ask a question: Why is it that you can never own Read More …