Anti-racism does not conflict with the freedom of speech

By Boraan Abdulkarim, Engage Minnesota There are more than two perspectives on the recent happenings in France. If you want to wave two flags, do so undauntedly, even if one is raised higher. One of the latest headline and conversation-dominating topics is the recent shooting in Paris. Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo published another addition to a long line of cartoons that make a joke out of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, and this prompted gunmen, who claimed to be avenging the Prophet, to kill 12 Charlie Hebdo staff members.  Both bitter racism on behalf of Charlie Hebdo  and an infringement Read More …

The law gives us the right to free speech, but we take it away from ourselves

By Hani Hamdan, Engage Minnesota The First Amendment guarantees that the American judicial system cannot punish you for saying something, no matter how objectionable what you say may be. But if making a single, fleeting statement causes you to lose your job, your family’s security, your reputation and your future career prospects, what is the point of having a First Amendment in the first place? Read the rest of Hani’s article here.