Why do we heal?

It’s important to acknowledge that everyone is harmed in different ways. The clearest harm comes to those who are marginalized, Othered, and who are the invisible classes of our world. But all of us are harmed in this system.

When you harm others, you have not only done an injustice to those you’ve harmed, but also an injustice to yourself.

The “B” Word

By Hani Hamdan, Engage Minnesota Whenever I hear a question being asked about an issue of public debate, I can’t help but notice the verb “believe.” “Do you believe in global warming?” “Do you believe that President Obama is a secret Muslim?” “Do you believe that silver amalgam dental fillings will make you sick?” “Do you believe in vaccinations?” Is it just me, or is the word “believe” being patently misused here? Read the rest of Hani Hamdan’s MPR piece here.

Local Human Rights Award Recognizes Interfaith Work

By Autif Sayyed, American Muslim Community Center Representatives from the three churches and Saleem Adam of American Muslim Community Center, second from left. On May 20, the City of Eden Prairie honored American Muslim Community Center (AMCC) and three churches–Eden Prairie United Methodist Church, Pax Christi Catholic Community and Prairie Lutheran Church–with its annual Human Rights Award. The award was in recognition of our participation in planning and executing the Interfaith Worship Service Program in 2006 and 2007. These events brought together hundreds of people of different faiths to celebrate the commonalities held by all and to promote peace, tolerance, Read More …