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Decline of the great American experiment

By Omar Alansari-Kreger, Engage Minnesota

When vanity overtakes liberty, the concept of freedom becomes nothing more than a fairy tale.

What if you woke up one day and realized that your nation and way of life were nothing but lies? Everyone seems oblivious to the obvious. We carry ourselves as drones mesmerized by promises that never bear long term fruit. In the United States, freedom is sold as an element interchangeable with our national identity. It is widely believed there is no other nation in the world that enjoys the same degree of freedom and liberty. The fact of the matter is that as a nation, the United States is based on a timeless idea. Naturally, we carry a great sense of hope in the maximization of our shared potential. The basis of which has evolved into the multicultural edifice of the nation. Definitively, what did the United States mean to our founding fathers? Did they imagine that three hundred years after the invention of the Great American Experiment it would become the world’s premier empire? Each generation is tasked to relearn and redefine the ideals of its past.

There is this assumption that history has a mind of its own and that in one way or another, it is bound to be repeated. Ironically, the United States has transformed into that same monolithic edifice its founding fathers sought to defeat.

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