Where Is God in Haiti?

Free online event with Sheikh Nuh Keller. When trials and tribulations hit, many people struggle in search for meaning while others fall in despair or seek means of escapism. Many faiths offer counseling on how to deal with trials and tribulations.  In Islam – trials and tribulations are expected to hit as a test of faith and growth, and in face of them, Muslims are to remind themselves and each other that: “Allah suffices us, and is the best to rely on.” (Qur’an 3:173) The recent earthquake in Haiti is one such example.  The earthquake has destroyed homes, damaged infrastructure, and Read More …

Attention: Father Dennis Dease

Dear President Father Dennis Dease:   This letter concerns the December 2, 2008, St. Thomas-hosted forum entitled “Healing Wounds and Building Bridges: An Interfaith Dialogue on Peace in the Holy Land”. The forum was advertised as “an attempt to encourage mutual understanding and peace-making” concerning “the controversial Israeli-Palestinian situation.” Reportedly, it was intended as a reconciliation gesture following the 2007 controversy when Desmond Tutu’s invitation to speak at St. Thomas was rescinded because of honest and realistic statements he had made concerning Israeli policy.