About this project

Engage Minnesota functions as a literary platform for Muslim Americans living in Minnesota. One of our primary focuses is geared to countering Islamophobia by featuring the productive lives and works of Muslim Americans shaping their communities. We aspire to build bridges where there are none by diverting communal synergy to the initiation of dialogue.

Muslims are portrayed disproportionately in the media by trends that encourage susceptibility to extremism. At Engage Minnesota, we strive to share narratives that establish our shared communal interconnectivity in ways where Muslim Americans can contribute cultural enrichment to the American experience.

With great potential for future growth, Engage Minnesota has every aspiration to transform into a think tank fostering scholarly research for the intellectual development of the Muslim American experience.

Areas of Focus:
• Facilitation of Lectures
• Publication of Stories of Muslim Americans
• Organization of Campaigns against Extremism & Islamophobia
• Development of Muslim American Literature
• Furtherance of Communal Literacy Programs for Muslim Americans

If you are interested in this project—and in sharing your ideas on how to make this happen—please e-mail engageminnesota@gmail.com. Thank you!

  1. Peace be upon you,

    May The God give you the best reward for setting this very worthwhile project.

    Kind regards,

    Dont be sad


  2. Thanks for your work at a crucial time. I know many who know enough to care and care enough to know, but don’t know how to “speak out”. I hope to be able to do more to be an aid in building the bridge.


  3. This is a wonderful work you are engaged in. Thank you so much!


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