Yasmin Mogahed’s plagiarism problem

By Fadwa Wazwaz, Engage Minnesota


I have been writing posts, tweets, and sharing my ideas via blogs for many years now. I spend considerable time reading, reviewing, and reflecting on my ideas before sharing them. As soon as I start to share them, I find them in memes or videos claimed by Yasmin Mogahed, Omar Suleiman, and others. You can overlook an occasional plagiarism; however, some of them built their name based on every post, and blog I have written to suddenly be rewritten in her words.

I am planning on creating a page to highlight some of their behaviors. Eventually, I hope to make a video and call these individuals out.

Here is a recent post that shows how Yasmin Mogahed waits for me to write a post, tweet, or express an idea before she rushes to claim it as her own.


This was based on my thoughts expressed here:


Yasmin Mogahed is a mocker, not a listener.

I have always emphasized listening in all my posts and wrote a post on listening. In my clash with her, she was a complete mocker.

Here is one of them: Listening to God – Toward Healing and Reconciliation

I give credit to Paul Tillich, who said: The first duty of love is to listen, mention a verse in the Quran that emphasizes listening.

She just gobbles it up and rewrites it in her own words:

“Sometimes the most revolutionary thing you can do for another person is to really listen.”

That is plagiarism, not her words.

God, the torturer and shatterer?

For years, Yasmin speaks about God needing to break us and shatter us to help us. She has presented God as some abuser or torturer who needs to destroy us. Obviously when we sin or disobey God the consequences hit us and innocent people. However, why not accept responsibility instead of projecting our errors onto God like Satan did?

I have addressed this particular problem on my personal Twitter account, as none of her friends would lovingly tell her what she needed to hear, but didn’t want to listen to it.

















Now she backpedaled and claimed my thoughts as her own and as though she practiced it:


وَمَن يَتَعَدَّ حُدُودَ اللَّهِ فَقَدْ ظَلَمَ نَفْسَهُ
“…and he who transgresses the bounds set by God does indeed wrong himself”
When we break God’s rules, we only hurt ourselves–not Allah.
If a patient chooses to drink poison instead of his medicine, he doesn’t hurt the doctor.
He hurts only himself.

Can you ever write a post on how you transgressed the bounds of others in thought and action, and said wrong things about God, and God used people to discipline and correct you? Of course, it takes drinking the medicine called, humility. Try it.

How do we fear God?

Then, she used my writings: Let your fear of God be embedded with love

and produces What many of us know about God is wrong!, claiming my thoughts as her own.

It would have been nice, if she said that she used to speak about God wrongly and admit her mistakes. We all make mistakes and I acknowledge mine when I do. However, what really ticks me off about her, is she not only denies her mistakes, projects them onto others, but as you can see in her video, she starts correcting the mistake she is guilty of making a good part of her life, as though she never ever would think of making such a mistake.

I went to her FaceBook page to tell her what she needed to hear but didn’t want to hear it, and these were my own thoughts, even if she will be mad with me. She blocked me and removed comments to her videos on YouTube. She loves correcting people when they are wrong, for mistakes she made a good part of her life, but hates it when anyone tries to correct her in anyway. That is how we clashed.

Al Maghrib Institute was asked to address this problem, and they just ignored. I will document it going forward and keep track of her problem for all to see and witness.

Fall, break, drown, or praise God?

Her entire class is based on my teachings and writings, which she and Al-Maghrib has claimed as their own. Initially, she was promoting people to fall, fall, and fall. You explained to her that God does not want us to fall, it is Satan that wants us to fall. In my clash with her, she confused God with Satan, and Moses with Pharaoh. After correcting her, she claims my thoughts and writings as her own. In fact, to promote their truth teachings, they colluded with each other for me to fall or drown, and tried hard to misrepresent me as drowning with each one giving me advice from various directions on how to Rise. Not once, but many times. How can you call to God and plot and plan for them to fall or drown?

According to their teachings, a person has to fall or drown to be guided. They have to step on their neck and kick them a few times, mock and ridicule them, then offer them help by preaching for them to Rise Up. Their schemes backfired in their faces and exposed them as people who have no faith or only a lip service understanding of faith.

I never fell or drowned, I was stunned by their stupidity.

I never believed anyone could be this stupid, but I realize, there are people so stupid, they cannot tell God from Satan, or Moses from Pharaoh and they think everyone is in the same boat.
























Winning through deception is not faith or success.










If you check on Engage Minnesota, you will find a series of posts titled: Why do bad things happen to good people? 


and Praising God in Difficult Times

Yasmin believes she’s perfect

Yep, she cannot admit her mistakes. She just keeps lying and lying some more to protect herself from facing her true reality.  She wrote a book titled, Love and Happiness. Her whole life she was in search of love and happiness. Her response to my tweets, was to keep chirping how she is so, so happy and I am jealous of her happiness. She posted so many pictures of herself being happy.  I responded to her with this video and explained to her that life is about a search for meaning, not happiness.


After realizing she is wrong, she now promotes herself as someone who is in search of truth or Haqq with this quote:

The purpose of life is not the pursuit of happiness. It the pursuit of Truth (Al-Haqq).  Happiness is a by-product of that journey. Yasmin Mogahed rewriting Fadwa Wazwaz writings.

Yasmin, can you just admit you have no clue what you are talking about, and just stop reinventing yourself every time someone corrects your stupidity and show you are making stuff up, from your own ego?

Can you just admit you are wrong and what you are correcting in others is in you?

Denial or healing our past?

She mocked me many times for speaking about allowing people to process their emotions and not to judge their feelings but work through the process of owning their pain and healing. I explained sadness is a part of life and the Prophets experienced years of sadness. She was promoting denial and just bulldozing through, believing that processing your feelings meant you were drowning or in pain.

Here is the article I wrote: Why do we heal?

If you search Engage Minnesota, you will find many articles on healing.

After promoting denial, being happy like a psychopath and bulldozing through, now she is giving a class on:

How To Deal with Our Past
“I’m offering a full online course called “Transformed: Principles of spiritual development” where I discuss the topic of healing along with much more from an Islamic spiritual lens.”

Someone needs to explain to Al-Maghrib crowd, it is unethical to take someone’s writings and work, and pass them off as your own, making money and building a reputation that is not at all a reflection of Yasmin Mogahed. This is very misleading and deception.

Abuser or Healer?

“The practice of healing lies in the heart. If your heart is false, the physician within you will be false.”

Yasmin is an abuser, not a healer. Here is an excerpt of my letter to Al Maghrib:

“when I would post something she would post something in response in a negging manner.  She did it quite a lot, and it took a while for me to notice it and realize it was directed at me.  It did not seem to me something a person who is a healer would ever engage in.  She appears to take pleasure in it.

Her behavior did not reconcile with her writings.  She was very insensitive to my feelings, and not once reached out to communicate with me as a human being or as a Muslim sister, something that all healers I have worked with, do.

I got bothered by her and felt her writings were really – the rewording of great famous people in the past in her words, in particular, Rumi, Ghazali, and Ibn Ata’Allah.  I told her such on FaceBook with a song (from a distance by Bette Midler) reminding her God is watching us.  The point was you should come and engage people, which is what healers do instead of making negging comments about them.

She did not take heed but would as a sideline conversation make a negging comment on this Imam’s Facebook or hurling insults that I am ungrateful in conversation with her sister Dalia.  Both of them were on my friends’ list.

I finally removed Yasmin from my friend’s list and left Dalia.  I waited for Dalia to say something regarding her sister’s behavior, but she refused.  I removed her as well.”

If your parents did not teach you how to engage people like a human being or leave them alone, why use your platform to mock and attack them like a coward and an abuser?


The week of September 14th, 2020 – Yasmin Mogahed will be using my teachings and lessons.  She is learning to confront herself and fight the enemy within, then accept herself and walk the path of self-love toward God Al-Wadud. I took these lessons from Shaykh Ramadan al-Buti and it appears they enjoy his teachings after-all, they just don’t like giving him credit for his work as I do. If you really want to benefit and transform – you will have to be honest on where the lessons came from and give credit where credit is due.

Happy transforming week! Please invite your friends: men and women, actually, they were mostly men – but they don’t play games. ;)


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Fadwa Wazwaz | \ Fəd-wə Wəz-wəz\ is a Palestinian-American born in Jerusalem, Palestine and raised in the US. Currently, she lives in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

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