Promoting the faculty of reason

By Omar Alansari-Kreger

Rage is an unhealthy agent for change because it fails to deliver ideas that make renewals, reformations, and renaissances possible.

Youth reminds us of the long lost idealisms we once had. Too much reality will make one cynical which ruins visions that support a better world. Protesters gather in the streets by the millions worldwide knowing little about what they are protesting. Our time is consumed with obsessions drawn over shallow concepts of self. Support of a cause is supposed to provide vindication for a purposeful life. It is based on a theoretical assumption that things will come to pass because we are in immediate need of them. Few exercise any interest whatsoever in critical thinking in order to fully grasp the basis of a cause and what it entails.

People understand there is something horribly wrong with the world. Each generation that ever lived could attest to the same crisis considering that civilization is a never ending work in progress. We seem to have a knack for identifying the problems without having any true solutions to address any. Too much of an emphasis is geared toward raising awareness about issues without a constructive basis. Protests are a wonderful thing provided they lead toward a reversal of the current paradigm. That alone is hardly enough because the problems we face existentially are no longer isolated from nation-to-nation.

We carry portable encyclopedias with us everywhere without truly appreciating the power of knowledge or for that matter information. Smartphones are overwhelmingly used to kill boredom with little to no encouragement to support a culture of critical thinking. It should, therefore, be all too indicative that tools and resources alone are no guarantors of enlightenment. Widespread accessibility to information has led to an overload where people know little on where to get started. Information is now widely disseminated by memes and newsfeeds which has produced the capacity to shape popular opinion in seconds without any supportive evidence.

Emotions feed our individualisms because we have an excuse to make causes about ourselves which obscure genuine understanding to the issues at hand. When left unchecked, emotionalism can transform into a destructive vice rendering little to no consideration for discourse or dialogue. People want to be heard for the sake of being heard and the only foundation they have is maintained by a betrayed ego. Holistic change is unachievable in isolation which is why a common platform of awareness is necessary. A protester is not a special kind of person; on the contrary, they are everyday people with legitimate concerns and frustrations.

It does, however, take a great deal of foresight to express an extraordinary vision that is indeed unique. Rage is an unhealthy agent for change because it fails to deliver ideas that make renewals, reformations, and renaissances possible. The word revolution could quite possibly go down in history as one of the most overused terms of the twenty-first century. Every emotional outcry is fashioned as a schism of revolution without having anything to constructively offer. The complexities of society are generally underappreciated out of sheer underestimation. It is presumed that if more people support one particular current the world by some miracle will become a better place.

Change, in all of its forms, requires an existential basis that provides purpose and meaning rolled into one. Objective causation is a necessary component of change if it has the capacity to serve a specific cause. By far, the best way to capture meaning, but is no assurance of purpose. Change is upheld by truisms that work toward the big picture. It must be accepted that no matter what we do or how much we sacrifice, our individually derived efforts may well be forgotten in time. Man in all of his diversity suffers universally from the same vices. We are pots of rage set to boil awaiting the right emotional outburst. The hope is to turn society upside down, but then what?

Visions for a renewed future are not achieved through petty vandalisms. An act of protest must have a basis of purpose in order to render its vision whole. There will always be a wide variety of counter-narratives that will arise to challenge the prevailing norms and injustices of the day. That is one indisputable constant of history. Social change is revolutionary because it details the beginnings of a renewed foundation. So many have every desire to start over without ever realizing the true cost of losing everything in order to have something. Constructivism is based on a vision of grounded perpetuity which is best characterized as that eternal flame of justice. How we define foundations of change is discovered in our relationship with history which underscores our appreciation for the same struggles at present.

Stewards of change must serve the future offering constructive foundations to the ever-changing continuum of civilization. A lack of vision has no conception of civilization which renders change as nothing short of the illusory.

Omar Alansari-Kreger, of Minneapolis, is a Muslim-American, a writer, and a social activist.


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