Experiencing my first caucus

By Nausheena Hussain, Engage Minnesota
Nausheena 3
The last time you heard from me, I was going on and on about why we need to caucus and “Calling All Muslims – CAUCUS #SUPERTUESDAY!”
Well the Muslim community showed up! Last night, was quite an incredible experience. Many of us were confused. What’s our precinct? What room should I go to? What is this line for?
It was chaos! From parking to resolutions, everything was new to me. I literally parked at the opposite party’s parking lot and walked across the street to my Senate District caucus. (I wasn’t the only one).
I found my precinct room, was amazed by the number of people who showed up, and realized this is where it starts. Tonight, we’re influencing the party’s nomination. We’re also going to consider resolutions that will influence the party’s platform. Never before did I feel more civically engaged as I did on #supertuesday.
I casted my ballot for my choice for presidential candidate, was nominated and elected Vice Chair of my precinct and stepped up to be a delegate.  Throughout the evening, state senators, representatives, city officials, and candidates running for various positions came in and spoke to us.
For once, I felt like I was seen and heard.

I wondered how others were doing. And my social media accounts LIT up. So many fellow Muslims were caucusing! It was incredible to hear how many of us SHOWED UP! And even more inspiring was to hear my people chairing the caucus, being tellers, being elected Chair or Vice Chair to their precincts, and being delegates or alternates and proposing resolutions.  STEPPING UP!
Of all the most inspiring things, I saw Muslim women really take the lead. And this is the best win for the night for me.  I’m proud that our community took part in their civic duty in caucusing but when Muslim women show up, they are doing so much more than just a civic duty. They are breaking stereotypes. They are invoking their first amendment right of freedom of religion when they don that hijab. They are taking back the narrative of their religion. They are being good neighbors. They are being American.
Thank you to all my sisters who are stepping up, stepping out, and stepping into the spotlight to keep our communities welcoming and inclusive. Positive change is happening.  #RISE

Nausheena Hussain is the Founder of Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment (RISE),  a platform to empower women in the Muslim community. She is dedicated in building a movement to address leadership development, increase community engagement, and create a philanthropic legacy for change. Nausheena graduated from the University of Minnesota cum laude in 2003 with her MBA. Married, with two young children, she lives in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.


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