Community Safety Alert

By CAIR Minnesota
You may have heard of the media reports and monitoring of anti-Muslim hate sites indicating that a small group of anti-Muslim extremists with a history of violent rhetoric are attempting to organize hate rallies outside of mosques and Islamic institutions across the nation on Friday and Saturday October 9th-10th. Organizers of the hate rallies have indicated that participants in states with open carrying laws may be armed and that provocations such as the use of live pigs and Quran desecrations may occur.
Many of these planned rallies may not take place, or they may consist of only a handful of people shouting slurs at worshipers. But given the recent endorsement of Islamophobia by national public figures, it would only be prudent for mosque and community leaders to prepare for any eventuality.
So far, we have been only able to identity one Facebook group in Anoka MN to be planning for similar protests. There is a chance that many of these groups are not making their plans known publicly. Therefore, we need to plan for these protests. Below we have provided you with basic safety tips. Also, we will be hold a conference call on Thursday evening to review and plan for any more or additional planned protests.
Safety Reminders for This Friday & Saturday:
  1. Alert local law enforcement authorities to the possibility of a hate rally outside the mosque and request advice about the best way to protect worshipers against possibly armed protesters.
  2. Request a stepped up police presence on October 9 (Jummah) and on October 10, the day of the nationwide hate rallies. (For a fee, many local police departments will provide officers to be present at a facility during services.)
  3. Assign staff/volunteers to monitor outside and inside activities. Look for any kind of  suspicious behavior
  4. If there are protestors:
    1. Immediately call your local police station and report the active protestors.
    • Direct your staff and volunteers to avoid any contact or issues between your congregation and the protestors.
    • Make announcements after prayers to not engage the protestors/agitators.
    1. You can build a wall between the protestors and your congregation to avoid conflict.
  5. Inform community members about the issue and urge them not to be provoked by any hate rhetoric or actions. (Do not engage in a debate or become angry; you do not want to escalate the situation.)
  6. Take video of the entire hate protest. Anyone taking video of the hate rally should not get too close to or interact with the participants.
  7. Immediately report any threatening or potentially-violent actions by the hate rally participants to police.
  8. Report any bias incidents to police and to CAIR-MN Civil Rights Department at 612-206-3360 or 612-406-0070,
  9. Consider scheduling a town hall meeting to discuss the issue of growing Islamophobia and the need for community peace building. Go to to learn more.
Community leaders are also being asked to implement long-term safety measures outlined in CAIR’s booklet, “Best Practices for Mosque and Community Safety,” which was published in response to previous attacks on American mosques.
A free copy of the booklet may be requested by going to:
Join Community Leaders Safety Conference Call 
Thursday October 8th from 7:30pm-8:30pm
Dial-in Number:(712) 775-7031
Meeting ID:522-799-109
General Safety Reminders :
  • Install security cameras, and/or a burglar alarm system. Provide ample exterior lighting; such as floodlights
  • Make duplicates of mosque documents; and store in a separate area. Remove potential fire hazards. Consider creating a security committee.
  • Request additional police patrols. Participate in neighborhood watch programs.
  • Report suspicious packages to police.
  • Build good relations with neighbors & local law enforcement.
  • Make an appointment with the community relations officer of your local police department to tour your center and make suggestions on improving mosque security.

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