Global Impact Day and Ramadan

By Memoona Ghani, Engage Minnesota

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MemonaLove for Ramadan is something that is introduced to kids by parents and with time they learn the significance of this beautiful month as their faith and love increases for this month even more. In 2015, Ramadan started on June 18th and we are now past the middle of the month.

Ramadan is the month when practicing Muslims observe daily fasts for a whole month. Everyday during this month, Muslims stop eating and drinking after sunrise and break their fast at sunset. This sequence might seem boring and tiring but in fact it is not. Also eating and drinking is not the only highlight of this beautiful month.  Acts of worship increase during this month, such as worship by praying late at night and other extra worship in any way possible during daytime.  These acts of worship – fast breaking, praying at night in a group or congregation makes it even more beautiful and rewarding.

Along with many extra acts of worship done during this month, 2 are always common:

  • Giving Charity to the people and places that need it regardless of their faith.
  • Sharing a meal with others regardless of their faith

Muslims try to collect as much money possible at an individual or at a group level and donate it to various areas such as social service organizations, orphanages, areas hit by calamities, refugees, non-profit schools or civil service organizations etc.,

Muslims invite their friends and neighbors to their homes, restaurants, or prayer places to share a meal so they can bond with their fellow beings. They tend to celebrate the meal sharing by presenting variety of different food items prepared with love and in a hope for reward from God. So if you haven’t attended a fast breaking ceremony this year you are missing a lot.

fast breaking food

As part of these activities, this year a group of Muslims – Al Maghrib Impact Volunteers – are taking part in Global Impact Day (#GID  #GlobalImpactDay) on July 4th 2015. This is an initiative where Muslims around the world are feeding the homeless in their local communities this year in the month of Ramadan. These young Muslims, while fasting, are planning to prepare food for many homeless and serve them with love and care.

Kulsum Tasnif using her talent to elaborate the importance of GID and serving our fellow beings


MN Muslim volunteers are also taking part in this global Muslim initiative. But the icing on the cake is that they are doubling the efforts the “Twin Cities” style. While other cities are serving the food on July 4th only,  MN Impact volunteers are sharing meal with 2 different homeless shelters on 2 days – July 4th and 5th.

Impact volunteers prepared some gifts to hand out to the homeless friends – a sea of gifts.


And wait there is more to it, they are not only cooking and sharing the meal these young Muslims have planned much more for these days at the shelters. They have been working for months to plan different activities and the best way and a beautiful way to serve food to the guests at these shelters. Do you want to know more about what they have planned …. Stay tuned. It starts today on July 4th.

Impact volunteers meeting one last time before the big GID


Memoona Ghani works as a Business Analyst at the University of Minnesota. She did her Masters in Software Systems from University of St. Thomas. She lives in Maple Grove.


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