Volunteering Is My Lifestyle

By Memoona Ghani, Engage Minnesota

MemonaOften times Muslims are thought of as citizens who are far away from volunteering or activism in the community, which is actually not true. On the contrast there are several Muslim groups that have been working on several projects to benefit the local communities but most of the time these efforts are hidden.  In fact, serving the humanity is an inherent characteristic for practicing Muslims.

It is just amazing that nowadays the “volunteering” has to be called out. While the fact is helping the needy with food, money, moral and spiritual support, cleaning the places of living, preventing wastage of resources, providing education, mentoring young adults, voicing the rights of the weak etc. was presented and taught as a lifestyle for Muslims by God and the Prophets of God.

For example, to keep our surroundings clean and to prevent the wastage of resources, God has continuously brought attention to the beautiful world He has created and then He mentions that human beings are His vicegerents on earth. What does a vicegerent do? A vicegerent takes care of everything that has been given to him i.e. the earth and its resources, the living beings that exist on this earth.

Of many local Muslims groups in Minnesota, Al Maghrib Impact volunteers have also been busy with different projects to benefit the community. They have taken up collecting and preparing for a few food shelves in a joint effort with yet another amazing group Building Blocks of Islam. These volunteers are there to help from month to month regardless of their ethnicity, gender and age.

The Qur’an states, “ (The righteous are those) who give food in spite of love for it to the needy, the orphan, and the captive, [Saying], ‘We feed you only for the countenance of Allah. We wish not from you reward or gratitude.

Volunteers are of various age groups.  Below is a picture of young Al Maghrib Impact volunteers helping at a local  Food Shelf.figure1

Al Maghrib Impact and Building Blocks volunteer at another food shelf.


Al Maghrib Impact volunteers go by this rule “If there is some good to be done in the community, we want to be the ones to do it and we will work as a whole community and not just one segregated group.”

Saying of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): “Removing harmful things from the road is an act of charity (sadaqah).”

Al Maghrib Impact volunteers at Highway cleanup in Bloomington, Minnesotafigure3

With 2015 Ramadan (fasting month) approaching, Al Maghrib Impact volunteers have planned many projects to help the local community.

Stay Tuned.

Memoona Ghani works as a Business Analyst at the University of Minnesota. She did her Masters in Software Systems from University of St. Thomas. She lives in Fridley.

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  1. MashaAllah great effort. It’s a nice blog.


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