Senator Klobuchar Attends Ramadan Event

By Zafar Siddiqui, EngageMN


Senator Klobuchar at the Islamic Center of Minnesota Ramadan Event

On Saturday, July 28 , Senator Amy Klobuchar was a distinguished guest at the Islamic Center of Minnesota’s annual Ramadan iftar (fast breaking dinner). She spoke to an enthusiastic and welcoming audience of over 300 people. The event also featured Haroon Moghal as an invited speaker.

Senator Klobuchar acknowledged the diversity of the vibrant Minnesota Muslim community and expressed appreciation for the positive contribution that the community is making in Minnesota. She expressed her unhappiness at the finger pointing and name calling against Muslim Americans and reassured the Muslim community of her support in standing up to bigotry and discrimination against them. She recounted her efforts since 9/11 in how she stood up against the demonizing of Minnesota Muslims.

She stressed the need for all Minnesotans, irrespective of their faith, to work toward the betterment of the state and the country. She drew repeated applause during her speech.

As the first woman to be elected to the US senate from Minnesota, Senator  Klobuchar is a trailblazer. The Muslim community appreciates Sen. Klobuchar’s kind gesture of visiting the Islamic Center of Minnesota during the sacred month of Ramadan and for her pledge to stand up for the rights of all Minnesotans. Her visit is a positive example for all elected officials in building relationships with the local Muslim community.

Read Zafar’s blog entry in the Star Tribune here.

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