The law gives us the right to free speech, but we take it away from ourselves

By Hani Hamdan, Engage Minnesota

The First Amendment guarantees that the American judicial system cannot punish you for saying something, no matter how objectionable what you say may be. But if making a single, fleeting statement causes you to lose your job, your family’s security, your reputation and your future career prospects, what is the point of having a First Amendment in the first place?

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One thought on “The law gives us the right to free speech, but we take it away from ourselves”

  1. There is no free speech in the state of Minnesota. In the case of Stockwell VS. Minnesota the defendant only tried to have one peaceful conversation with the alleged victim. She was charged with stalking. Now the state of Minnesota charges a person having a first conversation with a person as felony stalking. If you can charge anyone who approaches someone one time with stalking then there is no free speech. Also the jury did not believe the alleged victim of the stalking. With no evidence other than someone’s word the police made charges against a Minnesota citizen who just wanted to have a conversation.

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