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Terrorism Has No Religion

By Hajra Zaid, 9th grader at Century High School in Rochester, MN

I remember in 8th grade, my school hosted an inspirational speaker, Calvin Terrell. His presentation had a lot to do with racism, discrimination and the grotesque realities of today regarding these things. There was one point in the presentation when he would flash words onto a screen and we students would have to say the first race that we associated with that word. The list went on, and the reactions of the students were highly stereotypical. Then came the last word, “terrorist.” I remember bracing myself for the worst; students around me stared yelling not only races, but religions, people and countries. After hearing them repeatedly saying Islam, Muslims, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and so on, I became mortified. People need to know what Islam really is, not what the media and stereotypes spell it out to be. Islam is drowning in the misconceptions placed upon it, and it is being distrusted and hated for what it is not.  There is no teaching in Islam that condones hate and violence against non-Muslims; in fact, all of the teachings prohibit aggression and injustice towards not only other human beings, but also every creation of God. Read the rest of this entry

Stimulant drinks will give you energy, but they may also get you a lecture from the dentist

By Hani Hamdan, Engage Minnesota

I was watching a Web video the other day when it was interrupted by an ad. The ad started with a problem: people looking tired and sleepy at work. Then it offered the solution: an over-the-counter stimulant that works “faster and better than coffee.”

Read the rest of Hani’s MPR piece here.

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