NOT ABOUT BOMBS: Bring the Artists to Minneapolis!

From Tricia Khutoretsky, Curator:
NOT ABOUT BOMBS presents contemporary art by Iraqi women. What are the women of Iraq feeling and thinking, especially in the context of the destruction of their country by the US-led war; the Arab Spring; and the role women are playing in shaping the future of the Middle East?

The Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project (IARP) is pleased to announce plans to bring 3 of the 5 featured artists–Dena Al-Adeeb, Sundus Abdul Hadi and Tamara Abdul Hadi–to Minneapolis for a series of dialogues and collaboration, but we need your help!


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  1. We have 25 hours to reach our Kickstarter goal to bring three amazing Iraqi women artists to Minneapolis for discussion and collaboration. What are the women of Iraq feeling and thinking after the “end” of the US-led war, in the aftermath of its destruction and the tide of the Arab Spring?

    We’re asking them exactly that this weekend, through several events and video interviews. The Artists’ Talk and Reception on Friday night at Intermedia Arts will be an opportunity to meet the artists, ask questions, and get honest, real, female, Iraqi perspectives. The event will also be recorded and made available online. The discussion with Minneapolis artists Camille Gage and Susanne Slavick on Saturday at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum will focus on how artists engage with war and its terrible costs.

    At base, this project is about challenging assumptions about Iraqi and Arab women and hearing (and recording) a perspective on the Iraq War and Iraq that is too rarely heard. If we don’t reach our goal by Thursday night at 9:59PM CST, we get NONE of the pledged funds. Please consider pledging your support for this project and sharing it with your friends; thank you to everyone who has already pledged support!

    Hope to see you on Friday night at 7pm at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis!

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