The rich pay taxes at a lower rate? That’s a problem in need of fixing

By Hani Hamdan, Engage Minnesota

That an ultra-rich man sends an op-ed piece to the New York Times, pleading for Congress to tax him and his wealthy friends more, is something I hope will serve as a big eye-opener for all of us. I don’t need a long list of facts to support an argument. All I need is to mention a small, yet hugely important, fact:

Last year, Warren Buffett paid only 17.6 percent in federal income tax, while most of us paid a much higher percentage.

See the rest of Hani’s op-ed piece here.

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  1. Well Warren Buffet paid ~ 17.6% on his billions while GE paid no tax whatsoever, (zero)on it’s $14B or so of 2010 profits. Certainly seems to me that some tax reform is in order here. Thank you Mr. Hamdan for your well written article.


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