Monitoring Muslim Americans

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By Hani Hamdan, Engage Minnesota

Some time ago, a friend told me a story about his workplace. A Sudanese client came in for a visit. One of my friend’s colleagues met the client, and afterward described him as “a very smart guy.” He said it as though it were a cause for concern.

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  1. Dr. Hamden,

    Regarding your MPR commentary, Your point regarding working with, rather than against Muslims resonates. I agree.

    You might be interested in On it I write, among various other things related to co-productive citizenry, about a Muslim woman in Burnsville who led men of various ethnicities to help address white, Hispanic and, yes, Muslim boys who were being bullies.

    You might also look at Immigrants=Economic Assets, which from what I’m reading, you likely are. It also refers to the Muslim woman in the other essay.

    I lead a Burnsville-based multi-sector, multi-faith civic engagement group you might be interested in. It is parallel to a large national movement being led by colleagues of mine at Center for Democracy and Citizenship. If you’d like to hear more, let me know.


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