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John Noltner

By John Nolter

A year ago I started a project about peace on the belief that if we would just begin the conversation, and encourage others to do so, we could perhaps find some new and better ways to resolve the conflict in our hearts, in our communities and in the world.

The result is A Peace of My Mind.

A generation ago we didn’t talk about recycling…and nobody recycled. Then it became common to have that conversation at home and at school, and now recycling is second nature.

What if we did the same thing with peace?

A Peace of My Mind is competing this month for a grant that would fund the production of a traveling exhibit from the series. That exhibit will be brought into schools and community groups and used to foster public conversations about conflict resolution, tolerance and civic responsibility.

The grant winners are determined by popular vote, so I am asking for your help. I need people to vote…you can vote every day in the month of May. You can vote at this link:

And I need your voice to help spread the word. Forward this as an e-mail to all your friends. Post it to Facebook. Tweet it on Twitter

This is not a perfect project, and I’ll be the first to say that. But it is a really good project. You will catch some background noise in the audio, a few of the portraits might not be award winners, and yesterday I sent out a mass e-mail with a ridiculous typo in it.

It’s not perfect, but maybe that’s part of it’s simple beauty. If I waited until everything was just right to put this out to the world, it might never see the light of day. If I didn’t launch the website until there was the perfect demographic mix, it might languish forever.

The important thing is to begin. I am not an expert in issues of peace. I don’t hold an academic degree in the field and I have trouble recalling names of authors and activists. But I can gather and share stories…so that’s what I will do.

We need to talk about peace and make it a part of our daily conversations…and with your help, we can expand the conversation by voting to fund this project.

This project shares the voices of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the name of peace. If we raise our voices together, we will be heard. Each of us has something that we can do…so start now…don’t wait…be a work in progress.

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