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Muslims’ pilgrimage and Eid: Celebrations of Abraham

By Tamim Saidi


Muslims’ Pilgrimage and Eid are celebrations of Abraham’s life and his struggles. Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice), which is the second of Muslims’ major annual celebrations, will be celebrated around the world, including Minnesota, around November 27, 2009 (and about 10 days earlier each year thereafter).

The two eids, Eid of Sacrifice and Eid of Ramadan, are joyous celebrations for the 1.5 billion Muslims around the world, and are as significant to the Muslims as Christmas is to Christians.

The Eid of Sacrifice and the pilgrimage (Hajj) are both celebrations and commemorations of the incredible sacrifices made by Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him, as his way of submitting to God, including his willingness to sacrifice his young son for the sake of God. Both of Abraham’s sons, Ishmael and Isaac, are considered prophets of God, and Muslims believe Prophet Muhammad is a descendant of Prophet Abraham through his son, Ishmael. Muslims also revere Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) and Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) as prophets and messengers of God, and descendants of Prophet Abraham through his son Isaac (peace be upon him).

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