Speaking of Faith: Revealing Ramadan

By Brad Robideau, American Public Media

I’m writing to alert you to a groundbreaking special project from American Public Media’s Speaking of Faith unfolding in and beyond Ramadan.

Several months ago, Speaking of Faith extended an invitation to Muslims to reflect on their lived experience of Islam, of what it means—in a daily, particular way—to be part of what is often referred to in the abstract as “the Muslim world.” Responses continue to flow in from people all over the world. They range in age from their teens to their 70s. They are Iraqi-American Californian, but also Mexican-American and Russian-American converts from other faiths. They’ve come from Indonesia, Turkey, England, and from robust Muslim communities in places like Dallas.

Because of the vividness of the stories nearly everyone had to tell about the holy month of Ramadan—which began this year on August 22 for most people in the United States—Speaking of Faith launched a daily Ramadan podcast, “Revealing Ramadan,” which has hit the iTunes top 50. On September 10, a companion hour-long radio production will be available at speakingoffaith.org and will air on public radio stations nationwide in the week following.

And, in a few weeks, we’ll be releasing a second program on the many expressions of Muslim identity in our time – across geography, cultures, and the intimacies of human life. You can get a preview of the hundreds of voices already gathered, including those featured in the radio program and podcast, by way of an interactive map that blends personal photos, audio, and essays.

Find the podcast via iTunes or RSS.

Please feel free to publicize this series and forward this blog to anyone you think might be interested in knowing about or participating in it.

If you wish to receive news and updates from American Public Media, please contact me at brobideau@americanpublicmedia.org.

Note:  Speaking of Faith by Krista Tippett had at least Muslim Minnesotans on the program.

Jennifer Holman, Minneapolis, MN (USA)

Saeed Purcell, longtime resident of  Minnesota, currently residing in Green Valley, AZ (USA)

Also listen to the excellent recounting of Ramadan experience by Br Saeed here.

Nausheena Hussain, Brooklyn Park, MN (USA)

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