Monthly Archives: January 2009

To Our Readers

As people of conscience, the editors of Engage Minnesota deplore the violence consuming the Gaza Strip.  

We denounce violence by the Israeli government and its military, as well as that perpetrated or allowed by Hamas.  

However, a factual accounting shows that the retaliation carried out by the former party far outweighs, by a massive magnitude, the deaths from missiles and mortar fire by the latter party that was the stated reason for the current military onslaught.  

We are disappointed at the dominant chorus in the U.S. media and body politic that obscures that lack of proportion.

We are hopeful that the new U.S. presidential administration will lead a re-accounting by Americans and their elected leaders, one that demands that Israel try much harder to find a peaceful and lasting resolution to its crisis and one that no longer permits the excessive use of force against a captive population that we now witness.

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