CAIR Condemns Israeli ‘Massacre’ in Gaza

Editor’s Note: Engage Minnesota and the Minnesota Writers’ Group deplore violence and advocate the peaceful resolution of differences.

By CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations

Obama urged to speak ‘in favor of peace and justice for all parties’

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 12/27/08) – A prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group today condemned Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip that left more than 200 people dead and called the death toll a “massacre carried out using U.S. taxpayer-funded weapons.” More than 700 people, including women and children, were injured in the attacks.

SEE: Israeli Strikes Kill 229 in Gaza (Reuters)
The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said in a statement:

“Despite the public ‘green light’ given to the Israeli military by the Bush administration, American Muslims join our fellow citizens who respect international law and the sanctity of human life in repudiating this massacre carried out using U.S. taxpayer-funded weapons.”

“It must be clear by now that the only future offered to the Palestinian people by the outgoing administration was one of perpetual subjugation and humiliation at the hands of the Israeli occupiers. Unfortunately, our nation’s timid response to this tragic episode will only serve to fuel anti-American sentiments in the Muslim world.”

“We therefore call on President-elect Obama to demonstrate his commitment to change our nation’s current one-sided Mideast policy by speaking out now in favor of peace and justice for all parties to this decades-long conflict.”

“We also call on world leaders to take direct action to end Israel’s counterproductive and wildly disproportionate attacks and to end the humanitarian siege of Gaza, which led to the recent breakdown of the ceasefire.”

CAIR noted that the European Union (EU), Russia, the UN Secretary-General, the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), and other international bodies are all urging Israel to end it attacks.

Middle East envoy Tony Blair deplored the “tragic of loss of life,” while French President Nicolas Sarkozy condemned Israel’s “disproportionate use of force.”

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said the Israeli attacks were “inflicting an unacceptable toll on Palestinian civilians and will only worsen the humanitarian crisis as well as complicate the search for a peaceful solution.”

16 thoughts on “CAIR Condemns Israeli ‘Massacre’ in Gaza”

  1. Hello James,

    Your answer requires some reflection and deep thinking on your part. This is not about Hamas. A few years back we it was all about Arafat. We made him a scapegoat, everytime Palestinians resisted occupation and the siege. When he died, Israelis had to push someone else and now it is all about Hamas.

    The story they tell is a fantasy story. It goes something like this. They were busy living their lives peacefully, wishing love and kindness to their nieghbors, wanting nothing but peace and coexistence, and for no reason but pure evil, Hamas refused. Just like that and wanted Jews to be thrown in the sea and started to hurl rockets at them.

    That is pure propaganda. Israel has been since its birth working nonstop to ethnic cleanse Palestitinians from their homeland.

    Please read below. Your response is in this article…
    “We must condemn Israel’s attack on Gaza. I know that it is customary for many to equally condemn both sides whenever violence flares up in the conflict, but there is nothing equal between the two sides. The Palestinians have for decades been subjected to occupation, disappropriation, assassination and siege, always with massive suffering to civilians, and are expected to accept it without lifting a finger. Should the Palestinians put up any resistance, Israel feels free to launch any scale of attack, secure in the knowledge that at most it will be subject to calls for “restraint” and condemnation of violence on “both sides.” While I do not like the rockets that get fired from Gaza, as long as we as Americans provide the military, financial and diplomatic support that makes the Israeli occupation and siege possible I feel that we as Americans are in no position to condemn the Palestinian resistance. Remember, we as a society idolize our own forefathers who fought a violent resistance against British colonial rulers who paled in comparison in terms of brutality and repression to those the Palestinians face. Our government must withdrawal all support from Israel and instead should deliver desperately needed humanitarian aid directly into Gaza.”

    Then read…

    The Israeli government did indeed withdraw from the Gaza Strip in 2005 – in order to be able to intensify control of the West Bank. Ariel Sharon’s senior advisor Dov Weisglass was unequivocal about this, explaining: “The disengagement [from Gaza] is actually formaldehyde. It supplies the amount of formaldehyde that’s necessary so that there will not be a political process with the Palestinians… Effectively, this whole package that is called the Palestinian state has been removed from our agenda indefinitely.”

  2. The Jews unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in compliance with the cries of Land for Peace(tm). The Arabs then commenced an unending barrage of rocket fire into Israel. There have been over 12,000 rockets launched against Israel on an almost daily basis over the past seven years. Between January and November 2008, Hamas fired 1,212 rockets and 1,290 mortar bombs from the Gaza Strip and hit southern Israel. Hamas has not retracted it’s Islamist covenant to destroy the Jewish national homeland and murder Jews.

    The Jews have a right of self-defense.

    Your analogy between the Founding Fathers and Hamas is as wrong as an analogy as it is vile. Hamas and the Palestinian Arabs are being used and supported by pan-Islamists as cannon fodder and front-line troops in the name of Dar-al-Islam.

    1. And Palestinians? Do they have a right to self-defense? Do you care about them? Do they deserve to live like human beings?
      Your logic is similar to that of Pharoah who enslaved the Israelites and oppressed them
      and obsessed with security for himself only.

      Please read
      Israel’s ‘victories’ in Gaza come at a steep price
      by Sara Roy
      “As Jews celebrated the last night of Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights commemorating our resurgence as a people, I asked myself: How am I to celebrate my Jewishness while Palestinians are being killed?

      The religious scholar Marc Ellis challenges us further by asking whether the Jewish covenant with God is present or absent in the face of Jewish oppression of Palestinians? Is the Jewish ethical tradition still available to us? Is the promise of holiness – so central to our existence – now beyond our ability to reclaim?

      And what will happen to Jews as a people whether we live in Israel or not? Why have we been unable to accept the fundamental humanity of Palestinians and include them within our moral boundaries? Rather, we reject any human connection with the people we are oppressing. Ultimately, our goal is to tribalize pain, narrowing the scope.”


  3. The “Palestinians” you refer to were called Arabs prior to the propaganda campaign by the pan-Islamists in the 1960’s to delegitimize the Jews as “Palestinians”. The Jews have had a presence in the area for thousands of years – before the Muslim invasion of imperial conquest that swept out of Arabia in the 7th Century. It is curious why Islamists would choose to call their own co-religionists by a designation originated by Roman pagans and idolators to expunge the name of Judea is a subject for another discussion.

    To reiterate: the Jews unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in compliance with the doctrine of “Land for Peace”. For their efforts, the Jews have been subject to unending rocket attacks, suicide bombings, et. al., and Hamas has not revoked their covenant to destroy the Jewish homeland and murder the Jews.

    I am aware of the concepts of Dar-al-Kufr, Dar-al-Harb, and Dar-al-Islam. I am not here to convince you of anything. Just realize one thing, Fedwa: the Jews have a right to a sovereign nation and a right of self-defense.

    When the Jews were expelled from Arab countries, Israel resettled their Jewish brothers and sisters.

    Ask yourself: why have the other Muslim states allowed their Arab bothers and sisters to rot in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza; why Jordan has not let them resettle; why Egypt has closed it’s borders to Gaza?

    1. Hello

      I think the best response for you is the response by the Jewish Rabbis who lived in the old City.
      You cannot speak for them, so let them speak for themselves.

      My grandfather and father who recently passed away, told us stories of what it was like before the Zionist came in.
      They said – they lived in peace with Jews for hundreds of years, and the Zionists that came are the like
      of the Crusaders that came before. Palestine is the name the colonizers gave the land, before that
      it was called Sham and never Israel.

      Jews a a minority lived there, were kicked by the Romans, were allowed back in, when they requested
      in peace from Arabs who took over the power, were kicked out by the Crusaders, were allowed back
      in when the Arabs kicked out the Crudaders, and so on….

      You can listen to the Jews who lived there and not the foreigners that entered the land
      like the crusaders of the past. The local Christians never supported the Crusaders except for a small
      minority and the local Jews who lived there for hundreds of years do not support the Zionists except for a small minority.

      I know because they used to visit my father.

      The answers to your questions are also available in detail at Jews for Justice in the Middle East.

      Every question you asked – has the answer with facts behind it.

      As the Rabbi said – look at the historical facts, and not the reconstructed one based
      on fear-mongering and a desire for an enemy.


  4. Fedwa,

    sorry but those aren’t facts, its propaganda. How can you honestly say this has nothing to do with Hamas? You lost all of your credibility with that comment.

  5. Your answer requires some reflection and deep thinking on your part. This is not about Hamas.

    Hamas gave Israel a reason to undertake this endeavor. Even Arab leaders are admitting this. If Hamas is so righteous why are they blackballed by most Arab leaders?

    1. Hamas is not righteous. The conflict is not about Hamas. Below are two articles of people who see this also in a different light than you.

      Richard Falk is Albert G. Milbank Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University and Visiting Distinguished Professor in Global and International Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His most recent book, The Great Terror War (2003), considers the American response to September 11, including its relationship to the patriotic duties of American Citizens. In 2001 he served on a three person Human Rights Inquiry Commission for the Palestine Territories that was appointed by the United Nations, and previously, on the Independent International Commission on Kosovo. He is the author or coauthor of numerous books, including Religion and Humane Global Governance; Human Rights Horizons; On Humane Governance: Toward a New Global Politics; Explorations at the Edge of Time; Revolutionaries and Functionaries; The Promise of World Order; Indefensible Weapons; Human Rights and State Sovereignty; A Study of Future Worlds; This Endangered Planet; coeditor of Crimes of War. He serves as Chair of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s Board of Directors and as honorary vice president of the American Society of International Law. Falk also acted as counsel to Ethiopia and Liberia in the Southwest Africa Case before the International Court of Justice. He received his B.S. from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; L.L.B. from Yale Law School; and J.S.D. from Harvard University.

      He is also a United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories and Jewish

      Understanding the Gaza Catastrophe

      and …

      Party to Murder
      By Chris Hedges
      In light of the recent fighting in Gaza, Truthdig Editors asked Chris Hedges, who covered the Mideast for The New York Times for seven years, to discuss Gaza.

      In peace,

  6. I think the best response for you is the response by the Jewish Rabbis who lived in the old City. You cannot speak for them, so let them speak for themselves.


    If all you can do is drag out the Nuterei Karta – you don’t have much of an argument.

    I will ask you again: Why have the other Muslim states allowed their Arab bothers and sisters to rot in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza; why has Jordan not let them resettle; why has Egypt closed it’s borders to Gaza?

  7. Dear Fedwa
    I am extremely happy,as a Muslim to read your posts.Otherwise i had a very poor impression about all Jews.You have the qualities which were preached by one of our most frequently mentioned Prophet in the Quran(Moosa Alaihis Salam)peace be on him.So you are a true follower of the Prophet Moses whom we too revere.
    If you could please read the beautiful chapter on Moses called Surah Taha in the Quran.You could search online for the English translation.
    Shalom,Peace be on you

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