Oct. 8 Event in Minneapolis: Lebanon’s Tragedy

Wednesday, Oct. 8th, 6:30 p.m.: Cathy Sultan speaks about her new book Tragedy in South Lebanon at Amazon/True Colors Bookstore, 4755 Chicago Ave. South, Minneapolis

The war in Iraq has taken our attention away from other troubled areas of the Middle East. Cathy Sultan draws us back to Lebanon and Israel in Tragedy in South Lebanon, which was released in April. Through history, research, and personal interviews, she chronicles life in southern Lebanon and northern Israel during the brutal summer 2006 war. As in her other critically acclaimed books, Sultan focuses on ordinary people, who are overlooked by politicians and military leaders and become victims of poor decisions made by the governments of Israel, Lebanon, and the United States.

She vividly portrays the polluting effects of cluster bombs and explains how different factions within the Lebanese government keep it on the brink of further violence. She writes of the the tiny Shabba Farms area’s importance to Hezbollah and of the refugee camp that holds members of Fatah al-Islam, a Sunni militant group, despite efforts of the Lebanese army. Sultan also addresses media treatment of the war, dispels common myths about the region, and includes a timeline of Lebanese history, and maps depicting violence around the area.

Cathy is the author of two other award-winning books about the Middle East, which are now difficult to find, but I’ve managed to scrounge up some copies.  In 1969 she moved to Beirut with her Lebanese husband and two young children. She and her family survived the Lebanese civil war that began in 1975, a story recounted in A Beirut Heart. Sultan and her husband now reside in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She sits on the Executive Board of the National Peace Foundation, where her projects include a new partnership with Interfaith Peace Builders, co-leading delegations to Israel and Palestine.

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