Take Heart: Join Get-Together at Convention Center

By Gail Anderson

How do we take heart in times like these?

Do you believe that all Muslims are taught to hate Americans?

Do you think that all Muslims should be sent back home?

Do you agree that Muslims are trying to take over the United States and impose Sharia Law?

These are just a few of the comments that have been posted on the local media sites following reporting on Tarek ibn Zayed Academy, a charter school in Inver Grove Heights. What is more discouraging is the large percentage of people who indicate that they agree with the posting.

Many of the people holding these opinions may never have met any of their Muslim neighbors.

Taking Heart is a program designed to bring Muslims and non-Muslims together so that we come to know each other instead of fear each other. At a Taking Heart event we talk in small groups about things from our everyday lives, and in the process we being to build relationships. We are presenting a special Taking Heart this Saturday, May 24 as part of the Muslim American Society of Minnesota’s annual convention. It will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center from 3:30 – 4:15. If you want to attend the session and not the rest of the convention, please just check in at the registration table and tell them you are there to participate in Taking Heart. There is no cost.

–Gail Anderson is Unity and Relationships Organizer for the Minnesota Council of Churches.

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