Political Notebook: A Dream Coming Back to Life

By Thasneem Ahmed

This past week’s Super Tuesday was truly a historic event. The energy, the excitement, the crowds …for many of us, especially for those who were voting in our caucus for the first time, that night will not be soon forgotten. As Americans around the country placed their votes for who they wanted to represent them in the Presidential election, the words “…. government of the people, by the people, for the people…” seemed to almost come alive. We were the American people and we were going to reel in a government that for the last several years seemed to have lost sight of this fact. Last Tuesday, the American people spoke up loud and clear…and made the leash.

Reports of record-breaking voter turnout made almost as much news as the results of the votes itself. To say the evening was crazy doesn’t do it justice. In Woodbury, the line of cars trying to exit from 94 was bumper to bumper for as long as the eye could see. It almost seemed like Woodbury was having a rock concert. And we had the energy level to match. Inside, people stood in lines to find their room, lines to get inside their room, and then more lines to sign up and vote. Needless to say, paper and pens ran out long before the night was over as voters improvised and used scraps of paper on which to write their nomination.

There is something almost transformational when you encounter this kind of energy. There is hope and determination that this time, things are going to be different. People of every race, age, and religion came together as Americans…to be counted and to take ownership of their government. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists…even the Scientologists came together and spoke with their vote. For the first time in a long time, Americans were becoming united again. And Americans were proud to be Americans again.

For the first time in a very long time, I am proud to be an American again.

–Thasneem Ahmed is a mother, business owner, and pre-law student who lives in Woodbury, Minn.

4 thoughts on “Political Notebook: A Dream Coming Back to Life”

  1. Yes, yes, yes!

    I am having a difficult pregnancy, but felt that I couldn’t miss out on this particular Super Tuesday. Like so many others, I was not disappointed.

    Indeed, I wasn’t the only person with trouble climbing the stairs at Ramsey Jr. High. Going up ahead of me was a Somali woman thirty or forty years my senior, holding tight to both handrails. When we got to the top, I noticed that she was still smiling, and had Barack Obama buttons and stickers across the front of her hejab.

    There were many, many first-time caucus participants: students, immigrants, and those who’ve been disappointed and disenfranchised by the process. Now, for the first time in my thirty-some years, the political machine feels within reach.

  2. I went to my local Junior High School for our precinct caucus. My surprise started right from the full Parking lot and then saw long lines of people are cramped in the hallway, waiting to be registered. I am used to seeing almost empty parking lot and school when I take my kids for swimming class at the same school. It was quiet an expereince.
    This is going to be very first election after becoming Citizen and this is going to be my first ever vote in my life for an election. Amazing.

    I was elected as delegate for Senate District Caucus, on March 29th. Clearly, Barak Obama was a winner with a 2:1 ratio. Go Obama :-)

  3. This was one of the best Caucus meetings I’ve ever attended. I’ve been caucusing for over 8 years.

    Not only was the crowd the most impressive so far, but the discussions lively & the resolutions meaningful.

    We actually have more than 30 delegates from our precinct going to the next level. My wife & I included.

    There is hope for democracy in the US.

    My dream for the 2008 elections- more than 60% voter participation & Barak Obama as President at the end.

  4. I did not get a chance to go and caucus. However, I have been voting for several years, and I must admit that the excitement surrounding this years’ election is quite exhilarating. When we look around the world, we begin to realize that the election system at home is a great example of how we should come together as a nation and let politicians know what is important to us.

    I’ld love to see history in the making with Obama as President and Hillary as Vice President!

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