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Bridging the gap between Muslim and non-Muslim neighbors

By Heba Abdel-Karim

Heba Abdel-KarimImagine this scenario: You live in the same area with your Minnesotan Muslim neighbor. This person, his actions, beliefs, and practices seem a bit peculiar to you, as you have not encountered many Muslims. All you know about Muslims is what you hear others say, from the media and the like, but they are otherwise unfamiliar.

You wish to get in contact with him or her—even with a simple “hi”—but you may subconsciously have second thoughts because of how Muslims are negatively labeled by others. This, along with some other reasons, makes it seem like the gap between you and your Muslim neighbor is too large to even give it a try.
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Ready for real change?

By Elias Karmi

According to a survey published recently by the Washington Post and ABC, 60 percent of all Americans strongly want the country to change direction. This comes naturally due to public perception of the evident challenges we are going through as being unnecessary, avoidable, or poorly executed – most notably the war in Iraq.
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1,400-year-old advice still valuable for modern parents

Islam’s advice on raising minds, not just bodies

By Rawan Hamade

Rawan HamadeEvolution versus creation may be subject to debate in our world today, but there is no doubt that our understanding of certain institutions evolves with time. Our concept of family is just one example. I am not about to tell you that, back in the day, the family was what it ought to be and now divorce rates are increasing a hundredfold. That may be true, but only on the surface.

Many sociologists tell us that marriage may have seemed holy long ago, but in fact family ties weren’t all that great.
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Stretching history until it snaps

Blaming ancient Iraqis for White America’s spiritual vacuum is not based on facts

By Nahid Khan

As a member of the Religion Newswriters Association, I receive a fascinating assortment of mailings from various organizations involved with religion.

Last spring, I received a copy of Sacred Fire, a magazine whose subheading (for issue four) was “The Experience of Spiritual Connection” but which now is “The Modern Voice of Ancient Tradition.”

I had it pegged as a periodical addressing alternative spiritualities and curled up for a potentially insightful window onto spiritual paths I previously was not aware of, innovative forms of devotional life, and the search for natural forms of healing, native wisdom and positive relationships as well as – of course – ways of living in harmony with the environment.

The featured article on the cover, however, was not on these topics but on something unexpected. It was an article apparently related to race, which is a topic not often addressed by alternative spirituality journals. When the topic of race is acknowledged, it usually is in terms of non-white racial and ethnic groups as a source of much-needed traditional wisdom for the modern “white” world.
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